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NOTE: To purchase tiles you will need to contact us at info@cptns.com or call 1-888-233-7665. This order form is for samples only.

1 Sample per each tile available – maximum of 7 tile samples requested at one time.
1 Sample per each coping available – maximum of 3 coping samples requested at one time.

Coping size available in: EZ Reno 6”x12”x1 ¼”, Retro Reno 4”x12”x1 ½”, Full Size Reno 6”x12”x2”

The disbursement of tile and coping samples are released at our discretion. You will be notified via email the UPS number to track the samples.

Please Note: We sell a minimum of 1 box of tile at retail cost to those requesting tile samples that are being used to compare to existing tile for repair.

Classic Pool Tile and Stone is the only tile and coping distributor to offer shipment of free samples in the industry!!!!

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